Discover the combination of taste and fun at Latteria Ugolini.

Latteria Ugolini products are prepared with your dietary requirements in mind.
Senza glutine
Senza lattosio
Con Fruttosio
Gluten free
Lactose free
With fructose
You’ll find many without gluten, lactose or refined sugar, they are clearly marked to ensure that you Feel Free to Create and are happy to taste!
Our passion for Ice Cream keeps us trying new recipes to surprise you (and ourselves!) with the Latteria Ugolini taste and playfulness, yet our grand classics will always remain true.
What would a Latteria Ugolini cup be without your own favourite combination of toppings?
Cup or cone?
Choose your flavour.
More toppings: more fun!
Weigh and taste
your creation
…or better yet:
open a Latteria Ugolini store with us,
with our

ice cream shop franchising!